purpose of islamic center

The purpose of Rihlatul Ilm Foundation is to create a peaceful environment wherein one will find spiritual happiness and tranquility. As a result, It is to help a person recognize his creator by studying the holy traditions of the Noble Messenger. Coupled with a deep understanding of the Arabic Language in order to understand God’s holy book which he revealed to His Messenger.


This program is designed to allow a child to take the entire Quran to memory


This program is designed to allow a child to study the revealed sciences in the traditional method


This program is designed for our sisters who want to dedicate their lives for the service of Allah’s Deen


This course is designed for those individuals who desire to attain some basic tools into the Arabic language and Shariah


This program is designed to educate school going kids with essentials of Islam in terms of ethics and beliefs.


There is no elevator to success and everyone must climb for it especially when one is learning the sciences dealing with the Creator. Striving to learn the Islamic Sciences has been the tradition of the Companions and their successors. First requisite to striving towards success is to have a sincere desire towards attaining the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah. Once Urwa bin Zubair, who later became one of the seven Fuqaha of Madina, was siting with Abullah ibn Omar (who was one of the companions of the Noble Messenger) and two of Urwa’s brothers, Abdullah and Mus’ab in Hijr Ishmael (the Hateem) at the Ka’aba when one of them suggested that each one of them should express a wish. Abdullah ibn Az-Zubair said he wished to be a Caliph, while Musaab said his wish was to be the governor of Iraq and to marry two women he named. Urwah said he wished to be a scholar while Abdullah ibn Omar wished that he would earn God’s forgiveness. Each one of them had his wish, and we hope that Abdullah ibn Omar has been granted the forgiveness he wished as well.

Urwa Bin Zubair was known to be one of the greatest of Scholars in Madina those days. Until this day scholars regard his opinion when it comes to passing a ruling.