Hifz Al-Quran

Crown of Parents

It is of utmost importance to produce such people who will take the entire Quran to memory. Allah will most certainly in every era choose certain people to do this work because He promises the preservation of the Quran in sura Hijr. Hence, every Muslim should try to take his own share in entering the realm of this promise of the Almighty.

This program is designed to help a child to take the entire Quran in memory. An average child can complete this course in 2.5 to 3 years. In order to enter this program it is a must for a child to thoroughly be able to recite the quran with Tajweed whilst looking in the mode of Hafs from his Ustadh Aasim. This training is also provided at the institution. Preferably, a child should be atleast at the age of 10 and above. Admission is open throughout the year.