Mission & Goals

Missions and Goals

It is a well known fact that if Allah Azza Wa Jalla has given an order in the Quran, it means that He has kept enough ability within the Human scope to fulfill that devine order. Amongst the Devine orders of the Almighty,

it is also an obligation to aquire piety and to mingle with the pious. In order to instill the correct Islamic values and morals, it is of utmost importance that we provide the correct environment for our people and especially for our future generation.

A very strong effort is required in order to create this environment. This service will be rendered, with effort and zeal, by the exsistance of an Islamic institution where our children will study Quran and Sunnah in depth. Keeping this concept and goal in mind, by the immense mercy of the Almighty Allah, RIHLATUL ILM FOUNDATION has come into existance.

Also, to revive and re-egnite the spirit and legacy of the classical Muslim scholars of the Islamic history. Thereafter, provide the Ummah with qualified Ulama and jurists along with Huffaz and protectors of the Quran.

Also, to make Muslims understand the value and responsibility of being a human being and to learn to treat his brethren with ethics and Islamic morals, meanwhile creating such a peaceful environment which people will come to from far and wide in order to attain peace of mind and tranquility. Ultimately, to make such traditonal Muslim scholars who will learn ethics, propagate, teach, and guide others do the same.